What is Love to the Nine Muses: An Original Poem

Erato (Muse of Poetry):

Love is the eloquent words of a poet,

Poured out to his lost sweetheart.

His words are sweet and dripping with honey,

But alas! Poison is the honey

To the nymph

He lusts after!

Still, he declares his love with flowing words

Beautiful, yet distraught.


Euterpre (Muse of Music):

Love is a sweeping melody,

The birds’ songs are harsh and grating

And the bees buzz in vain;

For nature cannot rival this melody

Of a lover

The flowers bloom just at the catch of a few notes.


Thalia (Muse of Comedy):

Love is not some tragic affair;

It is a joyful chase!

Marked by humor, mischief, and playful

Chase on, lover!

Heaven’s blessing is upon you,

And your love will be boundlessly rewarded

With joy.


Melpomene (Muse of Tragedy):

Listen not to my sister’s playful fantasies;

Love is a hardship, wrought with trials,

And heartbreak

And sorrow.

It is no easy game.

Love is a beautiful crown to wear,

But there is a cost, a heavy cost

To the unfortunate lovers

Imbued with tragedy.


Terpsichore (Muse of Dance):

What is love, you may ask?

My, what a simple question!

Love is an endless dance!

The lovers’ feet move to the rhythm

Their bodies sway to the beat

And they rejoice in each other’s happiness;

Not even Hercules could tear them apart.


Urania (Muse of Astronomy):

Love is eternal;


Much like the universe,

Love does not quickly burn out as the stars do.

It continues, much like a circling comet in the heavens

To endure for all time.


Clio (Muse of History):

Ah, love is quite interesting

As it has been shown in different ways

By different men.

At the dawn of time,

Kronos showed his love of himself

And the throne

By daring to devour his own children.

Arrogant also was the handsome Narcissus

Who rejected helpless echo

For his own beautiful reflection.

Self-love, however, is only one side of the coin;

Because of his intense passion for beautiful Helen

Paris took great lengths to make her his bride;

A war was wrought, as a result.

But brave Odysseus, after the war

Spent eons, through storms and giants and witches,

To reach his beloved Penelope

And his son

Out of love.



Polyhymnia (Muse of Lyrics):

Love is not one song, but many:

The lyrical poem with subtle meanings in hope of reaching the nymph’s ears

The tongue that pours forth both declarations and curses over rejection

The joyful lips that draw in the lover, sealing eternal matrimony with a simple action of love

The wordless tune, admired by many, but intended for only one.


Calliope (Muse of Orpheus):

Love is represented by my long-lost son


His deep love for the lost bride led him even to Hades

To retrieve his love.

Alas, had he not doubted the fearsome god’s promise

And looked back,

He would have kept his bride!

The love, though tragic, was true

As shown by such measures.

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